Moving to a new house, or dorm feels like one of the most tedious and painful tasks in the world. Although the end results in itself may be liberating, or even empowering, but the process, due to unorganized methods applied, can seem painstaking. It is important to remember that this whole process doesn’t necessarily have to be complete mayhem. To help out our sweet folks across the world, we have drafted some tips to help them chill out while packing.


Before starting work on the packing and moving, make sure to reduce the amount of stuff to work with by removing all unnecessary items. Things you do not use anymore, or things that you do not intend to use, should be the first ones to get thrown out. Donate the material, and if it is not donate-able, simply discard it. This will help you start your life in the new space with a clean tab.


Always use the right kind of a size of the box, else they tend to fall apart. For example, all heavy items, including frames, books, statues, should be packed in small-sized boxes to reduce the chances of boxes being cracked and torn. Lighter stuff like linens and clothes may be kept in bigger-sized boxes for convenience.


As a rule of thumb, never leave out any space in boxes. There are multiple reasons for it. Principally, all space left out is space wasted. Apart from that, if there’s space in boxes, they’ll hang in imbalance, and cause a lot of hassle. The best thing to do is fill out all empty space with clothing or similar material to get the most out of it.


Heavy things like books should always be kept at the bottom, while lighter things like clothing should be kept at the top. The simple philosophy behind it is that if heavy things are put on the top, the lighter material at the bottom will get crushed heavily. Another reason for this is to save the packing box from being damaged cause of the imbalance inside it!


Always pack things room-wise. So in practice, the things from the drawing-room should not be packed together with the stuff of the kitchen or a bedroom. This practice will make both packing and unpacking easier, and help you avoid a gloomy first day at the new house.


If you own a valuable item, like a costly painting by a famous artist, a sculpture, or a collectors’ item, or several of these, make sure to box them in special packing with extra protection. One should not forget that there always exists a chance of damage in the process of moving. It is necessary that especial care be given to special items.


For convenience, as well as for protection, material and items like plates, bowls, spoons, forks, etc, should be wrapped and bundled together. This helps to tide and speeding up the process, as well as protects the material at hand from easy damage.


Always properly label the boxes you have. Never leave anything left out because of procrastination. This will help you, as well as the movers in knowing as to what are the contents of each box, and as where the box is to be kept, as well as how the box is to be handled.


One common cause of damage during moving is due to items falling out of the box because the taper didn’t do his job properly. Tape at the top seam, as well as at the bottom of the box, and if necessary, wrap around the box too for a couple of rounds for extra protection.


Some items like LED Tv sets and electronic devices require quilted padding for the protected move. These items are more likely to break because of their structure, it is hence advised that extra protection in the shape of padding and lots of packing paper be afforded to them.